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The Network

S B Freights is one of the selected members chosen to distribute through the UPN network, this allows us to send out our customers pallets nationwide on a variety of sub-services not available with some other pallet distributers.

some of these sub services include;


- Priority (Next day delivery before 16:30)

- Standard (Delivery within 48 hours of dispatch)

- Pre-10am 

- Pre-12pm

- Timed

- Saturday


As well as the sub-services that we can offer for your deliverys around the UK, we also have a web-booking system which allows customers to book their consignments online, print the labels for the pallets, and also track the deliveries all from the comfort of your own workplace.


UPN's members are plotted all around the UK which means our track and trace system has to be as precise and informative as possible.

When tracking deliveries, you are able to to see where the pallet is at all times throughout transit.

In addition to this, when its out for delivery you will be able to see which drop it is on the driver, when he has arrived at the delivery point, and even an instant EPOD on the system which you will be able to obtain within minutes of the delivery being made with information such as who signed for the goods and at what time.

(If precise expected time of arrival is needed we are able to communicate with the delivering member to obtain this information for your delivery)

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